Adult Bed Safety Rails

Safety rails for adult-size beds have an added function beyond those used on children’s beds. In some cases, they are needed to make sure than an individual does not fall out of bed, Here on you will get the bed of your choice. either during the night or during long-term care. In other cases, […]

Cannabis In The 70s

Throughout the 1970s, although the hippy era was over, marijuana smoking in the US continued at about the level estimated by the Shafer Commission. Whilst still used predominantly by those under the age of thirty, marijuana was no longer regarded just as a symbol of liberty, protest or rebellion but as a commonplace recreational drug. […]

Cannabis Grow Lights

Don’t Expect Miracles! I know all the things your friends and fellow growers tell you about how much they produce. Some think if you add more plants to your indoor system, you’ll produce more bud. Since CBD joints are made using hemp flowers, they are dried thoroughly and rolled into a joint. Others think bigger […]