Cannabis Grow Lights

Don’t Expect Miracles!

I know all the things your friends and fellow growers tell you about how much they produce. Some think if you add more plants to your indoor system, you’ll produce more bud. Since CBD joints are made using hemp flowers, they are dried thoroughly and rolled into a joint. Others think bigger plants make more. Here’s the facts. A single 1000watt grow light produces enough lumens (energy absorbed by plants) under OPTIMUM conditions to produce about one pound of cannabis. Which is pretty good! Other factors that contribute to larger yields include pristine environment and nutrients. A single grow light has a 4×4 foot print, meaning the light produced is only effective in a four foot area. You must also hang your light a certain distance from your plants for this theory to even work. As far as the plants themselves, It has never been about number or size — ..well kinda.

Here’s what I mean. A single grow light will only produce enough energy to grow about one pound. It now becomes your responsibility to know your breed. Heavy Indica breeds grow short a bushy. Indica’s that hit the flowering stage at one foot tall should finish at two feet. Sativa grows tall and lanky. Sativa plants that hit the flowering stage at one foot should finish at two and a half feet. Knowing your breed is important because it directly connects to the amount of plants you need in your 4×4 space. You can produce a pound with one single plant in your 4×4 space but you must first make sure the plant’s size is big enough and will finish to the proper size. No matter if it’s one plant or ten plants, be aware of the breed and space needed. More experienced growers can handle more plants in the same space because they finish the plants a lot smaller than normal. Moral to the story is that your light can only provide so much energy. Don’t expect your plants to preform miracles.