Adult Bed Safety Rails

Safety rails for adult-size beds have an added function beyond those used on children’s beds. In some cases, they are needed to make sure than an individual does not fall out of bed, Here on you will get the bed of your choice. either during the night or during long-term care. In other cases, the person sleeping in the bed may have sufficient mobility, but still need the help of an adjustable rail.

What to Look for in Adult Bed Safety Rails

One of the major concerns is getting a bed rail which does not prevent the user from seeing the surrounding area. It can get extremely claustrophobic to be confined in a bed, especially if there are rails on the sides and a headboard and footboard which go up a couple of inches above your eyes. Depending on the concerns for the user, you should find a safety structure with sides that only extend a few inches above the mattress, or with rails instead of solid wood sides.

The only time when it would not be advisable to get a true rail structure would be if it were designed such that a user’s arm or leg could become caught in it. Either make sure that any vertical or horizontal spaces in the rail are big enough so that no body part could get stuck in them, or consider a different rail for a patient for whom this is a concern. When all is said and done, however, a rail will be the most affordable adult safety mechanism, as well as the least confining for the user.

You should also make sure you get a rail which does not require anyone’s manual labor to raise and lower it. It should be as simple as the push of a button. That way either the user or a caregiver can lower the rail alone without any trouble or additional concerns.