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Undergraduate Medical Doctoral Paths

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There are many options young students have when they first start college. Some kids want to be businessmen, some want to be teachers, and some want to be medical doctors. Choosing what type of medical doctor is very important. You will want to select the correct undergraduate program based on what your doctoral goals are. This article will outline some of the steps students needs to take in order to pursue a medical degree. Read more »

Pursuing Your Doctoral Education

Choose Your Path

Maybe you just graduated with your masters degree. Maybe you have worked the same job for 10 years and you’re looking for a change. Maybe you got laid off and the idea of going back to school sounds appealing. There are many reasons why someone should consider going back to school to pursue their doctorates degree. Besides being able to have a “PhD” After your name or some other fancy initial, pursuing your doctorate degree could boost your career, the money you bring home, and possibly even your happiness with life. This article will outline the basic steps an individual needs to take if they are considering pursuing their doctorate degree. Read more »

How a Doctoral Degree Can Turn Your Life Around

A doctoral education can go a long way in improving your life. It doesn’t just make you more employable, it also equips you with a set of skills that you can actually employ to change your life for the better. In this post, I am going to talk about a person who was able to turn his life around by investing in education up to the doctoral level. By talking about his case, I hope to get many of my readers to actually consider taking up doctoral studies.

Michael Lee used to be an unemployed doctoral student. Although he had a “stable job” before he started his doctoral studies, the recession caused him to actually get laid off even though he was one of the best employees of his company. Lee didn’t want his time as an unemployed 25 year old to go to waste, so he resolved to continue his studies. He attended a university to get a doctoral degree in Finance. After spending just a few years, he was able to complete his studies.

Initially, Lee undertook his studies to be able to increase his employability. What he didn’t expect, though, was that his doctoral studies would equip him with so many abilities that would eventually help him make it out on his own. After graduating, Lee had a change of heart and decided to put up a business of his own; this turned out to be a good decision.

Since Lee came from a family of blue-collar workers, he decided to start a rootsy, blue-collar business; he ended up founding a company that specializes in mold inspection and removal. Here in Toronto, they have become the most trusted brand when it comes to mold inspection/removal jobs. This is because through the knowledge Lee gained from his doctoral studies, he was able to smoothen all of his company’s business processes. For one, Lee makes sure that all of his employees are actually certified, insured, and licensed. In addition to this, Lee makes sure to train them to be always customer-oriented. Although the services Lee’s company provides aren’t the different from the ones provided by other companies, people still prefer to hire his mold removal technicians: this is because Lee makes sure that they are able to always provide their services to the best of their abilities whilst putting the interests of their clients first and foremost.

Here in the city of Toronto, mold inspection is dominated by Lee’s company. Imagine that, if Lee hadn’t gotten fired and worked towards achieving a doctoral degree, he wouldn’t have been able to develop the skills to found an amazing mold removal company. When it comes to mold removal, Toronto citizens now trust Lee’s company the most, and this all resulted from Lee’s decision to pursue a doctoral degree in finance. Hopefully, this post of mine will end up inspiring people to actually pursue a doctoral degree. There are so many great opportunities that people end up gaining just by attaining a doctoral degree. It might not be the easiest thing in the world, but the effort is all worth it.

How You Could Benefit from Having a Doctoral Degree

Although it is not necessary to have doctoral degree in order to be successful, having one often proves to be a great thing for anyone. This is because having a doctoral degree is now a prerequisite for so many rewarding, high-level positions. It doesn’t matter if you have had years of experience as a lawyer, doctor, etc.; some positions will remain closed to you unless you’ve already attained a doctoral degree. In this post, I’m actually going to talk about a real life case where a lawyer ended up having to take up doctoral courses in order to get a job at an international think tank. Hopefully, what I post here ends up being helpful to so many of my readers.

Anita Curtis has been a personal injury lawyer Oshawa residents have trusted for fifteen years. Over the fifteen years she has worked a personal injury lawyer, she has helped thousands of people win personal injury cases of different kinds. These personal injury cases range from simple slip and fall cases to the more complex medical malpractice cases. A few years after Anita started making a name for herself, she applied for a position at a think tank the specializes in human rights issues. Although Anita already had enough experience as a lawyer at the time, she didn’t have a doctoral degree in sociology or another closely related field. Apparently, such a degree was needed in order to be able to qualify for the position. This is because aside from work as a lawyer, the position Anita applied for also had humanitarian work as one of its responsibilities.

As one of the brightest injury lawyers in Oshawa, Anita had the capability to balance her studies and her work. Because of this, she decided to take up doctoral studies in sociology. After a few years of formal education, she finally attained her degree. This degree, as expected, ended up being her key to landing a position at the think tank. She reapplied for a position at the think tank after attaining her degree, and her effort proved to be very successful. Anita, aside from still being an expert injury lawyer, now does research and public policy work for a think tank. Through her work, she has been able to influence matters of public importance and has been able to improve so many lives as a result. It’s really amazing; this wouldn’t have been possible had she not strived to work for a doctoral degree.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to the many people out there. I’m definitely not saying that you can only become very successful by having a doctoral degree. This is not true; so many people have become successful despite not finishing college (Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.). Still, people should know that some kinds of work require having a doctorate degree. Also, people should know that having a degree isn’t the most important thing about undergoing doctoral education. The most important thing about it is actually the fact that one is able to develop so many amazing skills as a result of it.

Why Get a Doctoral Degree?

Having a doctoral degree is a great thing in so many ways. For one, having a doctoral degree opens up so many opportunities for work. So many positions now require one to have a doctoral degree, and for good reason too. This is because having a doctoral degree means one has the skills to actually do amazing research and form cogent arguments. Such skills are often needed for high-level executive positions. Another way having a doctoral degree is beneficial to people is that it acts as proof that they have specialized knowledge in a certain field. In this post, I am going to present a case wherein someone who already had a law degree still greatly benefited from having a doctoral degree. By doing so, I hope to make my readers realize that working towards a doctoral degree can actually prove to be the best thing you can do for themselves.

Reggie Lee is a personal injury lawyer Whitby citizens have been working with for ten years. In the ten years since he started working as an injury lawyer, he has helped thousands of people attain justice for the wrongs they have suffered. Whether it’s workplace injuries, car accidents, or slip and fall injuries, Reggie is the go-to guy of so many people from all over the city.

Despite being a very experienced Whitby injury attorney, however, Reggie was not able to land a job at an international think tank focusing on criminal research. Apparently, being a great lawyer is not enough for the organization. What they needed was someone who, aside from having years of experience in injury law, also had a doctoral degree in criminal psychology. Many of the responsibilities of the position Reggie tried to land required much knowledge both in the fields of law and criminal psychology.

Fortunately for Reggie, he decided to pursue a doctoral degree in criminal psychology. Since his pre-law was psychology, it didn’t take him that much time to get there. He went on overdrive so that he could finish his studies fast. After getting his doctoral degree, he landed a high level position at another think thank that also focuses on criminal research. Now, Reggie is one of the preeminent voices in his field. His research and legal work has helped influence public policy on a national level. It’s really amazing. Had Reggie not worked hard to get a doctoral degree in criminal psychology, he would not have been able to achieve these amazing feats.

Reggie is just one of the many people who have been able to maximize their potential by getting a doctoral degree. Hopefully, you will end up becoming one of them too. You might be thinking, what use is spending so many years working towards a doctoral degree when you can gain enough knowledge informally in much less time? The truth is that doctoral education teaches people more than just academic knowledge; it also subtly teaches them to develop so many different skills (logical thinking, research, public speaking, etc.) Employers know that these skills are best developed by having a doctoral education. Considering this, it’s easy to see why they have made having a doctoral degree a prerequisite for high-level positions.

Financing One’s Doctoral Education Through Binary Options Trading

In this day and age, having a doctoral degree can mean the difference between getting a coveted job or losing it. For this reason, some people really need to make it a point to get such a degree, and this is especially the case for those who want to work in the academe, as well as other research settings. Unfortunately, though, getting a doctoral degree can prove to be too expensive. Not everyone can get a scholarship; most people who want to earn a doctoral degree will have to pay thousands of dollars’ worth of tuition money before they can get it.

Although the cost of doctoral education may be too high for many people, anyone can actually build a fund for such an endeavour easily, and this is through binary options trading.

Over the past half-decade, people from all over the world have started doing binary options trading. There are many reasons for this, foremost among them being the fact that it is easy to make huge amounts of money through binary options trading. Why is this so? For one, some brokerages out there actually offer services wherein clients can contact an employed broker who can give them sound advice on trading at virtually any time of the day. Another reason would have to be the fact that binary options trading is very simple. To do binary options trading, people just have to guess if the value of an underlying asset will go up or down by the time the option for it expires.

Because binary options trading has proven to be very profitable to so many people from all over the world, some people ask, is binary options trading legal? Yes, it is. In fact, some brokerages are even regulated by esteemed financial organizations. One of these brokerages happens to be Banc de Binary. If you check out out the brokerage’s main website, you will see that there are banc de binary awards and designations posted there that prove that the brokerage is a really amazing one, on top of being a regulated one.

Just by spending an hour or two a day doing binary options trading, so many people from all over the world have been able to fund their doctoral education. One of these people happens to be Janet Knowles.

“My name is Janet Knowles, and I am an aquatic researcher at a local university. Despite having worked as an aquatic researcher for so many years, it is only now that I was able to get a doctoral degree. Due to a lack of money, I was not able to fund my education. Luckily, though, binary options trading came along. Since I started doing binary options trading, I have been able to make great profit from it on a regular basis. I actually used my profits from it to pay for my tuition and get a doctoral degree. It’s really amazing. People don’t have an excuse to not pursue graduate education anymore, and it’s all thanks to binary options trading. Through binary options trading, you can for every expense that is related to your getting a doctoral degree,” Knowles told us.

Can A Doctoral Degree Help With A Direct Response Advertising Career?

ADVERTISING. Word cloud concept illustration.In general terms there has been a rise in the number of people gaining degrees in recent years. This has been down largely to the emphasis that many companies and employers place on these degrees especially those with a postgraduate qualification and also how accessible they now are.

Indeed, it used to be the case that the best way to get your foot on the career ladder was through experience however that has changed to a certain extent and now the focus is on both experience and qualifications.

Direct Response Advertising is one such area. If you are thinking of entering this field and working for a DRTV company that specialises in this discipline like http://www.scripttoscreen.com/ then what is better: qualifications or experience?

Well the correct answer is actually both. A doctoral degree in advertising is all well and good however if you have no practical experience in the market then your skill set is going to be limited even if you have a postgraduate qualification behind you. This is why we always stress the importance of mixing the two together; getting the right qualifications and backing this up with industry experience.

At the end of the day no-one truly wants to intern. It can mean long hours, often for no or little pay and usually taking on tasks that everybody else isn’t interested in. However the experience that is gained through interning either by shadowing people who have been working in the business for years or even playing roles in certain direct response marketing projects can prove to be invaluable.

You might think that you haven’t picked anything up during an internship however when you do actually get into the ‘real world’ and work in the industry full time then you will probably be amazed at how well it has served you.

So, is a doctoral degree or any other postgraduate qualification relevant for a career with a DRTV company?

In a way, yes it is. The things that you pick up from a theoretical standpoint such as how to influence others and create effective campaigns in relation to psychology are all mightily important in the direct response marketing field. Combining this with actual industry experience and being able to go through all the steps that are required to work in the business is also very important.

Many careers advisers now advocate against postgraduate qualifications due to the fact that they see them as unnecessary and just an extra expense on top of everything else however that isn’t the case at least when it comes to a direct response marketing career.

With the theoretical knowledge that can be picked up via a doctoral degree in direct response marketing or even just marketing and advertising in general combined with real world experience on conducting campaigns and the processes involved then staying in education for another few years can be worth it.

In fact, it can open up even more career opportunities and perhaps give yourself a higher starting position when you do embark on your career full time.

Should You Be A Doctor or A Lawyer? Knowing Your Career

Business handshake to seal a dealLawyers and medical doctors are highly respected by many. They are often deemed as intelligent individuals who are capable of saving the public from either a health problem or a legal suit, or even both. But at the same time, both courses are known to be difficult and challenging. It’s only for those who have the guts to enter med school or law school. Well, not exactly. Once you’ve started it won’t be that bad anymore. The only difficult stage is thinking and deciding which path you want to take.

Critical aspects

All careers have its fair share of critical aspects, but the difference of legal and medical careers is that they both have higher level of it. High profile lawyers are greeted with death threats almost every day while doctors are greeted with high level of pressure and tension. Both careers cater important aspects of a person’s life and this sole fact is what makes doctors and lawyers highly respected.

But when it comes to their individual critical aspects, lawyers are on the edge. It’s difficult to save a person’s life but it’s more difficult to turn a person’s fate the other way around. Defending someone in an always-heated courtroom is not for everybody. It is only for individuals who have firm and decisive thinking. You should be skillful when it comes to tactics on cornering the other party and defending your client on anything they may throw.

Fulfillment and gratification

Winning a case is indeed fulfilling, but saving a person’s life is far more rewarding. With lawyers, the aftermath of winning a case is usually back to norm. You and your clients will part ways and continue with how your life was before they contacted you. They, on the other hand will live their lives the way they used to. They can be more cautious this time but when talking about client-lawyer connection, there’s nothing much between when the case is over.

Doctors are the total opposite. After you saved a patient’s life, regardless of his health problem, you will usually be showered with gratification and thankfulness. Most patients always extend their connection between them and their doctor. You might even end up being their family doctor, if not they will recommend you to all their friends. That is one very positive aspect in a doctor’s career.

Pressure and tension

Now this is the aspect where both doctors and lawyers share a cup of tea. When it comes to the level of tension and pressure at work, both careers are rich with that. In fact, a Tulsa Attorney said in a website called www.tuslaattorney.pro that a lawyer’s day is not complete without feeling the extreme gush of adrenaline due to extreme pressure. You don’t have to be in a courtroom to feel pressured, simple demands of eerie clients can already bring you to that. This is commonly the same with doctors. When a loved one is at 50:50 stage or someone acquired a non-curable disease, doctors are tensioned with the family’s cries.

Practical Tips for New PhD Students

studentThere are many reasons why people are willing to move mountains just to get that PhD title.  Some are motivated by the prospect of widening career opportunities, because it is a requirement (professors, for instance, have to pursue graduate studies in order to maintain their tenure), while others are pushed by their passion for learning or something noble, like finding the cure for AIDS.


No matter what drives you, it is important to note that PhD is not all butterflies and rainbows.  This should not be taken as a deterrent but a fair caution for you to determine if it is what you really desire and if you are prepared enough to face the challenges before embarking on a wonderful journey that may be wrought with difficulties.


The pursuit of higher education can be taxing on you physically, emotionally, and financially.  They say the most difficult thing about it is to never lose your motivation and to keep your sight on the goal.  It is easy to get lost in a field of stress, discouragement, and frustration.  Take a step back, gather your thoughts, and take a breather.


There may come a time when you feel you are not making enough progress, increasing your stress level and amplifying the pressure you feel.  Senior PhD students and those who have finished their doctoral degree agree that you have to aim to achieve small results, but on a much higher frequency, to get a sense of progress and increase motivation.  This gives you a sense of accomplishment and allows you to move closer to your much larger and ultimate goals, theses and degree completion.


Every graduate student knows how great an impact time management has and how big of a game changer it is.  Focus on what are important, things that bring forth results, such as finishing your paper, than fixating on trivial things.  Setting deadlines pushes and pressures you to finish a task at hand.  So you better establish and comply with that deadline.


Lastly, do not forget to enjoy life and do not take your studies too seriously!  Balance work, studies, and social life.  Don’t miss out on any of those.


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Work Options for a Graduate Student

graduationEarning a doctorate degree is definitely not an easy feat!  The demands that are associated with it are sometimes overwhelming that other individuals opt to retain part-time employment rather than a full-time one while studying.


Considering the cost of higher education and the limited resources other people have, the prospect of getting a graduate degree while working part-time may not be feasible, unless it is a high paying job that can cover all the expenses.  In addition, there may be limited part-time job opportunities in your field.


Working on a doctorate degree while maintaining a full time job is possible but a compromise is needed, which may be not taking up full academic load thus lengthening the time needed to finish the degree.  Engaging full time on work and graduate studies can be done by working during the day and studying at night, however this may take a toll on certain aspects of your personal life.  Effective time management is indeed needed so that your productivity at school and at work is not going to suffer.


Another option worth exploring is entrepreneurship.  You are your own boss and are held answerable only to yourself.  Being a business owner gives you the flexibility needed to juggle work, school, and family life.  If you have the right credentials and ample experience, you can lean towards consulting.  Working as a consultant provides you the income stream needed to fund your education, yourself, and your family at the same time.


There also are other niches you can look into; they need not be related to your field.  For instance, if you had the knack for dismantling things when you were a kid and you still are very much interested in it, you can go into the demolition business.  You will be surprised how much demolition companies make!  Transitioning to the world of business can be difficult at the onset, especially if you lack the experience or business acumen, however this route can be financially rewarding in the end.


Many individuals take advantage of scholarships granted by many institutions.   Your eligibility may depend on the degree or specialization you are taking.  So, search for scholarships online or ask for recommendations from your colleagues or professors.


Pursuing higher education while maintaining a decent source of income is entirely possible.  There are many ways for you to reach your goal; sometimes it is just a matter compromise and time management.

Engineering Doctorate: A Feasible Alternative to Traditional PhD in Civil Engineering

engineerThe high demands for Civil Engineers are fueled by growth of a city and the continuing need to build new and maintain existing infrastructure.  Every building and infrastructure you see has been planned and designed by a civil engineer.  The importance of a civil engineer is often times taken for granted and we sometimes fail to realize how integral a role they play in our culture and society.

A highly skilled and thriving workforce is needed to gain and retain competitive edge.  This high level of skill set can only be achieved through years of experience or graduate education.  By 2018, jobs necessitating graduate degrees are pegged to increase by 2.5 million.  In the US, only a small percentage of professionals from the science and engineering disciplines pursue higher education as they do not see it as a practical route for them.  Most enroll in graduate schools to satisfy the requirements or secure tenure in the academe.

A wide range of options for civil engineers who wish to obtain higher education are available.  Although a Master of Science or Doctorate degree is not needed to be certified and work as a civil engineer, these graduate degrees are greatly beneficial to those who are putting their hopes on highly specialized or top tiered positions in the private sector.

A doctorate in Civil Engineering does not have to be primarily research oriented as in a conventional PhD.  There is a growing trends towards the acquisition of and recognition of an engineering doctorate (EngD).  Unlike a traditional PhD that puts prime on research, EngD is a PhD level degree that integrates conceptual and applied research.  As others put it, it is PhD Plus, a combination of research and management training but with industrial application.  Hiring EngD programme graduates is an increasing trend as these people allegedly have better appreciation for the mechanisms behind research and development.  In addition, not only are they adept in the conceptual aspects of the field but are also well trained in terms of project management skills.

This graduate degree is not only beneficial if you wish to gain employment in the private sector.  It is a valuable asset if you aim to build your own business, say in the construction sector.  With the right knowledge and experience on your belt, you can establish your own small scale company or you can perhaps aspire bigger and take on larger projects.  A smaller enterprise is very much practical should you want a smaller initial investment.  You do not even have to own your own equipment or offices as you always have the option to rent or lease.  Because locations can vary from one project to another, it is feasible to just rent mobile office trailers.  Sites such as Office Trailer Pros usually make it more convenient to find trailers that fit your needs and budget.

Financing Your Doctoral Studies

There are many benefits to having a doctoral degree. For one, it opens up so many opportunities for research. Only those with doctoral degrees are able to get hired as senior researchers and university professors. Of course, getting a PhD isn’t a walk in the park. To earn a PhD, people really need to exert their utmost effort not just to learn extensive knowledge, but to “create” it. However, people should also take note that just having the resolve to do one’s best in achieving a doctoral degree isn’t enough. To gain a doctoral degree, a person needs to have enough money. The cost of getting a doctoral degree isn’t cheap; one must have a lot of extra money on the side to be able to get one.

The good news for those who aren’t making enough money from their main job is that through binary options trading, anyone can gain enough money to finance their doctoral education. How is this so?  For just an hour or two a day, anyone can do binary options trading to earn significant amounts of money. On the average, an experienced trader can earn at least a thousand dollars just through dealing with binary options alone. The good news for people is that most best binary options brokerages now offer their clients the chance to learn how to do binary options trading risk-free (e.g. through a Banc de Binary free demo account, any person can trade on underlying assets in different markets without have to risk any of their investment).

How does one do binary options trading exactly? When it comes to binary options trading, people only have to guess whether the price of an asset will increase or decrease when an option expires. If your guess is correct, you will immediately receive a fixed amount of earnings. Those who invest in binary options don’t have to worry about their assets losing value over time as binary options don’t require anyone to actually own assets.

“Because of binary options trading, it only took me two years to get enough money for my doctoral education. Now, I have a PhD in Sociology and teach at a well known university here in Toronto. I still do binary options trading on the side, though. Considering that I am able to make more than a few thousand dollars a month by doing it, I really don’t see any reason why I should stop trading even though I’ve already finished graduate school,” Mark Chatham, a sociology professor/binary options trader, told me.

Hopefully, this post of mine will give those who want to pursue graduate education great insights as to how they are going to fund it. Through binary options trading, you won’t have to worry about your finances for graduate school anymore. If you want to be able to do groundbreaking research or at least get a teaching job in the college level, you need to be able to have a doctoral degree. You really need to make it a poing to work on this if you want to succeed in the academe. Do binary options trading (see: bankdebinary.co.uk) now so that you’ll have enough money for your doctoral education.